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Yes, I know I haven’t blogged in basically forever and probably no one even remembers who I am. But it’s ok, because I have some wonderful San Fran treats to share with you all! These are some of the best things to see in San Francisco if you are kinda lazy and like to eat… like me!

My cute sister moved to San Francisco to try and break my heart and it worked. I miss her but I think my heart is broken because I have constant FOMO since I don’t live there and it. is. so. fun!

You all may recognize my sister, Annie because she is a little florist and we work together all the time. Albedo Floral is her little baby. If you have sisters I 100% recommend both getting careers in the wedding industry because it’s the most fun thing we ever did/do.

When Annie moved to San Francisco in November we did a wonderful bridal shoot which I still haven’t blogged. (Will I ever get the hang of blogging? ugh!) We shot at the Sutro Baths. YOU GUYS, that place is awesome. I will most definitely link to that blog post when it is up so you all can see how cool that place is.

This trip was planned on a Friday and we left on Sunday morning. Very last minute but that made it way more fun. My sister-in-law, Waverly loves San Francisco. How could you blame her? So while her sister,  Ellie was visiting from her wonderful life in New York, they decided, “Why not drive to San Francisco for 4 days?”.

We left at 6:30 am, but since it is the middle of winter there was obviously a storm in Tahoe. Which meant we have to drive from Salt Lake to SF through Las Vegas. It only added like, an eternity to our trip. Las Vegas is the worst. For some reason there is always terrible traffic on the stretch from Las Vegas to California. That added about an hour and a half to the trip too. By the time we got to Annie’s house we had been driving for SEVENTEEN HOURS. Wave and Ellie are perfect road trip goddesses though because they packed lots of snacks and we managed to still have a good time.

Let me tell you the best part of the trip was that we managed to find free parking the entire time! Which if you aren’t aware, it probably would have been like $60 for the 2 days we were actually in the city.

We went to Alcatraz the first day and it was super rainy all day. It actually made it really eerie and cool. 10/10 would recommend seeing Alcatraz and 11/10 recommend seeing it in spooky weather. I also didn’t even take one single picture that day because I was so cold my hands were like Barbie’s. (Didn’t bend.)

But here are some pictures from the rest of the trip! We started the second day of with a delicious brunch in Palo Alto at a place called Crepe Vine. SUPER DELICIOUS. But it was a ton of food. As someone who doesn’t eat breakfast normally, it was a lot to eat that early in the morning. It was still delicious and I regret nothing.

Next, we went into the city and saw the Painted Ladies. Of course, there was construction at the park across the street so we couldn’t go in to get a good view of the houses….. #Typical.

Ellie wanted to go to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse so we hopped over there. I had a margarita donut and just, wow. SO GOOD.
We made our way across the bridge to Battery Spencer. If you are looking for a perfect view of the city and bridge, this is your place. Then we finished the day in Sausalito looking at the coolest ever little houseboats that people actually live in!


I went back to the city and probably will at least 100 more times but I found this delicious place called “Boba Guys” and I HAD to add it here for anyone who likes boba, horchata, or green tea. FREAKIN YUM! They have 4 locations throughout the city, one of which is called Burro instead of Boba Guys for some reason. Please don’t miss it.

Song is Slipping Away by Tanlines


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