Oregon Roadtrip PNW Canon Beach 2016 Bailey Dalton Photo 039


I am Bailey.

I am a dreamer, an adventurer, an enthusiast (for basically everything), and a photographer.

My heart is in intimate weddings and elopements. The stuff that focuses on the love and the “why” to the wedding. The interactions between you and your fiancé, shamelessly in love with each other.

I am motivated by your love; raw and real. Everything from your excited tears before “I do”, to the gut wrenching laughter as the best-man toasts. It’s my job to capture images that elicit the feelings you had in those exact moments.

When you show your children and grandkids the photo album from your day, I want them to feel the love just by looking through the pages! You deserve something priceless as your first family heirloom. Which is exactly what I aim to provide.

So when you’re ready to get some dirt on your clothes and a cool breeze in your hair, contact me! And together, let’s capture your unique story!



 T R A V E L   D A T E S

Book a session with me in one of these spots and travel fees will be waived. I’ll already be there!
If you have any recommendations or suggestions  for what we should do and see, please send them my way.


2 0 1 7

J U N E //
x San Francisco, CA
x Nashville, TN

J U L Y //
x Idaho
x Moab, UT
x Portland, OR

 A U G U S T //
x San Francisco, CA
x Santa Cruz, CA
x Newport, CA

S E P T E M B E R //
x San Francisco

O C T O B E R //
x Las Vegas, NV

N O V E M B E R //
xYosemite National Park, CA
x Marrakesh, Morocco
x Merzouga, Morocco (Sahara Desert)
x Rabat, Morocco
x Casablanca, Morocco
x Amsterdam, Netherlands

D E C E M B E R //
x Tucson, AZ
x New York City, NY

2 0 1 8 

J A N U A R Y //
+ Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

F E B R U A R Y //
+ Phuket, Thailand
+ Phan Thiet, Vietnam